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Great news for the solar industry, the White House wants to expand people’s access to solar energy. According to an article published by engadget.com, the White House wants to broaden the solar industries reach even further. It states that ” To start, the government wants to install 300 megawatts of solar and other types of renewable energy in places with federally subsidized housing”. The government has partnered with companies and organizations to create more job opportunities as well. This is great news not only for the renewable energy industry but for the people of this beautiful country.

There is a need for renewables in this country, not only to ensure a sustainable future but also the industry creates many jobs for our economy. With new technologies and the demand for renewables growing every year, this will lead to great things for our economy and our environment for generations to come. I am happy to see that the White House is seeing this industry as a priority and doing everything they can in order to keep this progressive industry around for years to come.

We at Reeco feel that renewable energy should be a necessity on EVERY home, not an option. This is why we created Reeco Homes. Reeco Homes gives Free Solar power to EVERY home buyer and seller. Just as the White House see’s renewable energy as a priority, so do we at Reeco. We are dedicated to making home ownership more affordable and allowing every home buyer and seller to contribute to a sustainable future by producing Free and clean energy from Solar. Reeco Homes is the only full-service real estate brokerage that gives Free Electricity to home buyers and sellers.

It’s initiatives like Reeco’s and the one’s the White House is taking in order to educate our people about the importance of the renewable energy industry and provide these great technologies for everyone across the country. As the technology continues to advance, the costs of these technologies will continue to come down which will make it even more affordable than it is today. Raising awareness and creating programs that allow anyone and everyone to tack advantage of renewable energy will ensure that our country remains at the forefront of sustainability for a better tomorrow.

To learn more about the White House and the details of their program visit their website here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/07/07/fact-sheet-administration-announces-new-initiative-increase-solar-access

Read the engadget.com article here: http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/08/white-house-solar-initiatives/

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