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These days, home buyers are demanding sustainability. Sustainable technology demand is growing and being incorporated  more and more  in new and existing homes. So what is Sustainable Real Estate exactly? Sustainable Real estate is the attempt to combine sustainable values with Real Estate & Real Estate development. These sustainable values are necessary for the future of our planet and are being adopted by more people than ever.

Sustainable technology comes is many different forms: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Water Conservation technologies, battery technology for energy storage/backup power, and Hydro Power. The most common form of sustainability being used by people today is the increasing popularity and demand for rooftop solar. Rooftop Solar Systems allow homeowners to produce their own clean energy while being less dependent on local grids for power. This technology results in great things for both the consumers and the environment; Immediate electricity savings and contribution to a sustainable future. Global Sustainability will be a slow process and will not happen over night. It is important that these sustainable values be considered by not only developers and businesses, but by current and future homeowners as our economy and environment rely on it.

Reeco holds these sustainable values close to heart and it’s what created our Free Solar Program. We believe that Rooftop Solar should be a necessity, not an option, and that’s why we promise a Free Solar System on EVERY home purchased with Reeco. We take a small step towards a sustainable future with every house sold. With Reeco, there is one more home with a solar system producing clean and Free Electricity. There is one more house that is less dependent on the local grid and less toxic to our environment. Our Free Solar program also allows consumers to save thousands of dollars. With Reeco, the electricity the solar system produces is ALL YOURS, meaning you save money the second you move in. Our Free Solar program also creates a easier opportunity to take advantage of new and upcoming technology like lithium ion battery backup power and energy storage. Whether solar power and other renewables are on your checklist during your home search or down the line after you purchase your new home, don’t wait to be sustainable. Make ANY home a solar home for FREE with Reeco. Reeco is the most affordable and sustainable way to buy a home and we invite you to take advantage of our amazing program. Sustainable technology is the future. I encourage you to learn more about our program and  ALL of  the amazing benefits sustainable technology has to offer consumers and our environment.

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