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Your Quick Reference Guide to Sustainable Real Estate

As more people look for ways to live green and have a smaller environmental impact, homeowners, buyers, and sellers have realized the appeal of sustainable real estate. Below we have answered some of the most common questions on the topic so you can decide whether an eco-friendly home is right for you.

First things first: What is sustainable real estate?

Simply put, sustainable real estate refers to environmentally-conscious buildings and properties. In a residential area, this typically means eco-friendly homes that use resources efficiently and have a minimal impact on the environment, such as houses that:

  • Are made with sustainable and/or recycled materials
  • Feature water-saving elements like tankless water heaters, low-flow showerheads and toilets, and drought-tolerant yards
  • Have solar power systems to produce clean energy that doesn’t rely on burning fossil fuels

These eco-conscious elements can not only preserve resources like water, petroleum, coal, and trees, but they frequently save homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. In fact, home buyers and sellers who work with Reeco receive a complimentary solar power system and free electricity every month for the life of their system.

The average Orange County home buyer who works with Reeco saves an average of $101 per month, or $1,212 per year. This adds up to more than $35,000 saved over the course of 30 years (and we guarantee our solar power systems to last at least this long)!

Reeco Blog-Modern House With Drought Tolerant Plants

What should buyers look for when assessing sustainable real estate?

Be on the lookout for homes that already have eco-conscious elements in place—things mentioned above like water-conserving appliances, drought-tolerant yards, etc.—or have the capability to become more sustainable.

For instance, even if a home doesn’t yet have a solar power system installed, with Reeco you can add one onto the roof before move-in. Home buyers, grab your free Reeco account now to see how much you will save on your dream home with a complimentary solar power system.

This means that you don’t have to choose between living in the house of your dreams, helping the environment, and saving money on your electricity bill.

Why should sellers care about making their homes more sustainable?

Even if you aren’t planning to stay in your current home, making it more environmentally-friendly can result in a large payoff for you. Homes with solar power systems tend to sell 20% quicker and for 9% more money than houses without solar, on average.

That’s right—as soon as you add a solar power system to your home, its value and appeal increases. Sustainable real estate is in high demand! Home sellers can also receive a free solar power system on their next house by working with Reeco, meaning that they can lower their environmental footprint as well.

Are there any red flags to watch out for when it comes to sustainable real estate?

Unfortunately, not all “green” companies are honest. Some take advantage of their audience’s lack of knowledge about sustainable real estate, while others hit clients with hidden fees or charges later in the process. Always do your research when choosing a company to partner with to ensure that they have your best interests in mind.

At Reeco, we sit down with each and every client to discuss exactly how the solar power installation process works, how we can afford to install free solar power systems, and why we’re committed to saving our clients money while saving the environment.

Buyers, start searching for your dream home today using a free Reeco account. You can save searches and receive emails about the latest listings, as well as gain exclusive access to our Solar Savings Calculator.

Sellers, receive a free estimate of your home’s increased worth and sustainability with a complimentary solar power system through Reeco.