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“The thing that I champion is sustainability. My terror is that suddenly we see it as a luxury, not an essential. That’s a danger.”- Kevin McCloud

Being that Reeco is based in Southern California and shares the same vision found in the new sustainable city plan of Los Angeles, we took a look into the goals set forth by the Mayor and the city of LA. The sustainability plan initiated by Mayor Garcetti and the city of Los Angeles sets some ambitious goals. This type of forward thinking leadership is a great start and something that other cities and states should pay close attention to.

The new sustainability plan is a true effort to transform the city into a renewable metropolis rather than an overheated desert island that it portrays today. The city of Los angeles plans to add another half a million residents by 2035, the plan puts environmental, economic, and equality issues on the front lines in order to help determine the trajectory of the beloved city. According to Mayor Garcetti himself he says:

“Our first ever sustainability plan details actions we must take in the coming months and years to secure a future for L.A. that is environmentally healthy, economically prosperous and equitable in opportunity for us all,” Mayor Garcetti said. “My back to basics approach is about making sure our city has the strong foundation it needs to soar to new heights.”

Given the ambitious goals of the plan, its not the idea and planning that is key, its the implementation and getting the people behind this plan that will determine its fate.

The sustainability plan is broken up into three core targets they plan to attack: Environment, Economy and Equity. I will be focusing on the environmental target (Rooftop Solar and Energy Storage) and how Reeco shares the same vision when it comes to rooftop solar power, climate change, and a sustainable future. Learn more about the entire sustainability plan and Reeco’s Free Solar program by visiting the links provided at the bottom of the post.

A push for local Solar Power:

According to the sustainability plan:

“Production of electricity from fossil fuels creates pollution – including green house gas emissions. Combining the abundance of sunshine our city enjoys with the advantage of owning its own municipal utility, Los Angeles will continue to lead in generating clean solar electricity, local green jobs, and reliable energy storage. There is no better city positioned to be a global leader in rooftop solar, which will enable us to use the sun to withstand possible disasters through the utilization of solar powered back-up energy storage systems. LA has become a leader in solar through the feed-in-tariff program along with the net metered rooftop solar and will remain a leader moving forward.”

The city plans to increase installed capacity of local solar PV to 400 Mega-watts, with authority for an additional 200MW. They also plan to reduce the residential solar PV interconnection wait time to less than two weeks. This means they want volume, and are incentivizing people by making their installs faster and more efficient. There is no city better positioned to initiate a plan of this magnitude. Being a high density city, its not hard to miss all the smog when in Los Angeles. Increasing renewable energy installations like solar power will not only help tremendously in sustaining the city and its economy, but will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The plan also emphasizes on the importance of energy backup power and storage. This technology allows you to go “off grid” and store energy efficiently from solar systems. These batteries can also provided much needed power if “the big one” hits Los Angeles leaving residents without power for over two weeks.

Reeco’s Free Solar Program: Sustainable Real Estate

Reeco is positioned perfectly to help the city of Los Angeles in their pursuit for a sustainable future. Los Angeles is one of the hottest real estate markets in the world, attracting buyers from all over the globe. Reeco is committed to giving every home buyer or seller in Los Angeles a FREE Solar System. Each home bought or sold with Reeco is guaranteed to be more affordable and sustainable with our Free Solar program. Reeco gives home buyers a clean start, allowing the people of Los Angeles to take advantage of the lasting financial and environmental benefits of Solar Energy. Reeco will also create green jobs for the city of Los Angeles, employing sustainable realtors and individual workers for solar jobs. Reeco was founded with a strong belief that Solar Energy should be a necessity, not an option. Our real estate brokerage is the first of its kind, but our mission is shared by many across the nation. Climate change and green house gas emissions from dirty energy sources are much bigger than the city of Los Angeles, they are a global issue. The success of this plan can open the doors for other cities, states and countries alike to adopt a similar mission for a sustainable future. We truly admire the initiative Los Angeles is taking with their sustainability plan. The plan is in place, it’s up to us to take action and work towards a sustainable future we so desperately need.

“Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels”- Shari Arison

“The Future is Green Energy, Sustainability, Renewable Energy”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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