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Don’t Buy An Eco-Friendly House Without Knowing This Information First

If you’re considering an environmentally-friendly house for your next home, you probably have a lot of questions: Will you save money? How does an eco-conscious home help the environment? What features and red flags should you be on the lookout for? We’re providing all the information you need to know in this brief buyers’ guide, so you can feel confident while looking at eco-friendly homes for sale.

Why Eco-Friendly Homes Are Better (For Your Wallet and the Environment)

Eco-conscious homes like houses with solar power systems are increasingly popular year over year because they not only enable homeowners to decrease their environmental footprint, but also save money on electricity, water, and other natural resources.

In fact, over 25 years, a large home’s solar power system can prevent enough CO2 emissions to equal 10 football fields of trees! Find more mind-blowing statistics about the green homes and living sustainably at our blog article here.

Reeco-Eco-Friendly Homes-Forest of Trees

For value-seekers, environmentally-friendly homes can save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their solar power systems. Reeco offers complimentary solar power systems to home buyers and sellers and guarantees system performance for at least 20 years*, meaning that homeowners can start saving immediately and enjoy free electricity for decades. Perfect for first-time homeowners and those on a fixed income!

Home buyers, sign up for a free Reeco account to search available homes, save searches, and receive alerts when new homes hit the market. It’s the perfect way to find eco-friendly homes for sale in your area.

What to Look For When Evaluating Eco-Friendly Homes

Every home buyer has their own particular dream home criteria in mind, but here are a few things to be on the lookout for when evaluating eco-friendly homes for sale:

  • Does the home already have eco-friendly amenities or the potential to add them in, such as installing a water-saving dishwasher?
  • Will you be responsible for installing a solar power system, or does that responsibility fall to the home seller or real estate company? (Note: Reeco provides complimentary solar power systems and takes care of installation so you don’t have to. Learn more here.)
  • Do the green appliances and features come with warranties or maintenance contracts? For instance, is your solar power system guaranteed for a certain number of years?

Potential Red Flags to Beware Of

Sometimes unsavory real estate brokerages can take advantage of home buyers searching for eco-friendly homes for sale. If you notice any of these red flags, it could be time to get a second opinion:

  • Hidden fees popping up throughout the homebuying process
  • No guaranteed lifespan for your solar power system
  • Real estate agents that aren’t upfront about the buying process and don’t treat you like their #1 priority

Reeco is proud to be a “Client-Centric” brokerage committed to placing our clients’ interests first and delivering to them the greatest value in the industry.

We also partner with top-producing agents employed by other brokerages in order to meet the demand for our services across a large geographic area. Our Partner Agents are integrated team members that deliver Reeco-caliber customer service and believe in our company vision and values.

Both Reeco Agents and Partner Agents are local market experts, driven by their passion for client service, adding value to every transaction, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Learn more about us at GoReeco.com. Then, enroll in a free Reeco account to view our network of available homes, estimate your savings with a complimentary solar power system, and receive alerts when new property is available! 

*Conditions apply. Please see warranty for more information.