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The real estate industry is constantly changing. The main contributor to this change is the rapid growth and advancement of technology. Regardless of what industry you are in, somehow technology is changing the way you do business now and how you will do business in the future. Not only does it change the ways companies do business, but it also changes the needs of consumers and how consumers make decisions.

In real estate, people are no longer looking in their local phonebooks to call a real estate agent, they simply go online. With all the information available for anyone who has access to the internet (who doesn’t these days), the process of searching for and purchasing homes is much easier than ever before. This example was highlighted in an article posted by Josh guttman at TechCrunch.com, but he also states that there is still impending opportunity in real estate technology and I couldn’t agree more. Here’s Why….

The process of buying and selling homes is still very standardized. Yes, technology has played a huge role in providing convenient access to information but consumers are demanding more out of the entire process, not just the search. Consumers are now demanding more out of the transaction as they feel technology has taken a lot of the ground work away from agents/brokerages that existed in the past.

Reeco has identified a great way to incorporate technology not only during your real estate search, but also during the transaction process. In the end, Reeco provides real value to consumers from start to finish, here’s how…

How Reeco Uses Technology to Benefit YOU!

Reeco is a technology driven full-service real estate brokerage that gives Free Solar power to home buyers and sellers. We provide the best experience for our customers using the latest technologies in order to create a rewarding and pleasant experience. To start, visit our website at www.ReecoHomes.com, here you can start your search for properties. During your search for homes, we provide you map listings with all the property information and details you desire. What is unique about our technology is we created patented software that shows you exactly how much you will save when buying with Reeco. This automatically generates and displays for each property: the amount of money you’ll save every year, the immediate increase in home value, and the environmental benefits of your free solar power. Here is an example of what our “Free Solar Calculator” software technology generates during your home search:

Reeco solar calculator


Time For Free Solar Power!

Once you see the information, its time for technology to create value at the transaction level. Reeco provides this value in the form of a great and growing technology, solar power. Reeco allows every customer to take advantage of Solar power at the most appealing price, for free. This ultimately creates a more affordable home for our customers, as you are no longer subject to high electricity bills. This means less spending and more saving. Reeco uses solar power to create a more affordable and sustainable way to buy and sell homes. We truly feel solar power should be a necessity on every home, not an option. This is what has driven us to create a new model for the industry, and lead the way to creating more affordable and sustainable homes for generations to come.

“Save Money and The Planet, thats Reeco Friendly”




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