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It’s only a matter of time when the millennial home buying surge will hit the real estate market. Experts in every industry want to know what millennials want, how they think, and what they look for when making a purchase. For the real estate industry, it is very important to know what millennials are looking for as they begin to approach the market to buy homes.


How Does Reeco Appeal to Millennials?

Reeco’s Free Solar program is perfect for millennial home buyers. Our program means affordability and sustainability for all home buyers. It is said that energy efficient homes are more appealing to Millennials than homes without these features. With Reeco, we can make ANY home a solar home for FREE. No need to pay extra for a home with solar or deal with any monthly payments. Our Free Solar program immediately increases a homes value, allows for thousands in electricity savings a year, and contributes to a more sustainable future. Seems like the millennials are ready for Reeco, are you?