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A recent study conducted at the University of Texas in San Antonio found that while environmental concerns influence home buying decisions to an extent, most prospective buyers care more about features that will save them money. In the info graphic provided, you will see how eco-features impact home sales. It clearly shows that these eco features really aren’t a huge deciding factor for prospective buyers, but what isn’t exactly clear is how this study was conducted. For example, it shows that energy efficient windows is a plus but doors is negative. These two should go hand in hand as they are both big factors in insulation and energy conservation, which ultimately results in saving money, right? And the solar/wind statistic. Aren’t the majority of people that are installing wind and solar systems on their homes doing so in order to save money? Ya, its great to be sustainable and eco-friendly but Im going to speak for the majority of people who convert to renewables like solar energy and say they made the transition solely based on the fact that it saves them money. So take this study with a grain of salt and also keep in mind where you live. For example, rain catchment would be a huge plus for people living in Seattle or Washington State, but for people living in Southern California, not so much. All opinions aside, I will say that I don’t agree with one particular statistic provided in this study, and that is the solar statistic. Is my opinion biased? Yes of course, but let me explain to you how Reeco’s Free Solar program can drastically change this statistic and take solar as a low priority to a must have priority for money saving house hunters.

Reeco Saves Home Buyers a lot of Money!

As a home buyer, its tough to find your dream home already equipped with a solar system. Most home buyers will be willing to pass on a home that has a solar system for their dream home with no solar system. But what if you could make ANY home a solar home? What if you could equip your new dream home with a FREE solar system that will produce Free electricity and save you money INSTANTLY? Well, now you can, with Reeco.

Reeco is a full service real estate brokerage that gives Free Solar power to home buyers. Whether you’re into being green or saving green, Reeco allows you to do both. Reeco agents will get you the best deal on your purchase and then we install a solar system on your newly purchased home. If you’re into saving money, Reeco sets out to provide home buyers with a solar system that will offset up to 100% of their electricity usage. Imagine never having to pay for electricity again! No payments, no lease, nothing, a truly Free solar system. Talk about saving money. The environment wins as well. The solar system contributes to a sustainable future by producing free and clean energy for years to come. With a Free solar program likes Reeco’s, I think home buyers will start thinking a lot differently about eco-friendly features during house hunting. So if you’re into saving money, solar is actually a great eco-friendly/MONEY SAVING feature and Reeco’s got you covered.

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