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We Break Down Which Green Homes For Sale Fit Your Needs & Personality

Houses with living roofs, pod homes, tiny houses…if you have ever looked into green homes for sale, you may have found that there isn’t just one type of environmentally-friendly abode out there. We’re exploring a few of these various green houses below, as well as outlining points to consider as a home buyer. Read through and find the right one for you!

Shipping Container Homes

People are getting creative with those big metal rectangles that cargo ships use to transport products overseas. Some homeowners make do with one container, while others use several to build multi-story container homes with several bedrooms. The appeal is in the cost—this type of green home for sale can cost just $15,000-$20,000 on the low end—and the ability to use fewer natural resources, like trees, for construction.

Fitting For: These green homes for sale often appeal to value-seekers who don’t mind doing their homework about construction, and living in a somewhat unconventional way.

Things to Consider: Mid- and large-sized container homes often require permits. Additionally, shipping container homes aren’t necessarily realistic for all geographic areas, and many must be constructed from the ground up.

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Tiny Homes

Another trendy type of green home for sale, tiny homes are just what they sound like—micro homes that are typically smaller than 400 square feet. Some homeowners prop them on trailers, enabling them to be pulled behind cars for a mobile existence. Overall, tiny homes promote using fewer resources such as water and electricity, and taking up less space.

Fitting For: People who don’t mind living very simply and without extra space, and homeowners who prioritize mobility over spacious comfort.

Things to Consider: Zoning laws frequently prohibit tiny homes, as houses must often meet certain size requirements. Abiding by building codes, such as ensuring a certain amount of distance between fixtures, can also be a challenge due to space restrictions. Finally, tiny homes can be less secure especially when propped on wheels, which increases the chances of theft.

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Solar-Powered Homes

Homes with solar power continue to increase in popularity as the price of solar installation decreases and the interest in living sustainably skyrockets. In fact, more than one million homes now feature solar panels, according to The Wall Street Journal. One huge perk: unlike tiny homes or those made out of shipping containers, any home can become a solar-powered home with the addition of a solar power system on the roof—immediately increasing its value and sustainability.

Fitting For: All types of homeowners looking to purchase green homes for sale, particularly those looking to decrease their impact on the environment and save money. Over the course of 30 years (the guaranteed lifetime of a solar power system installed through Reeco), homeowners can save tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds or thousands of trees, and prevent a significant amount of carbon emissions that damage our atmosphere.

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