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This recent article by the Huffington post is interesting. The state of California has decided to give Free Solar power and systems to low income residents. This is a huge step forward for the state and the solar industry. There are so many benefits solar power has to offer and this is the best example.

Solar power is not only great for our environment and lessening our carbon footprint, but has HUGE financial advantages as solar saves people a tremendous amount of money every year. Reducing energy costs for families allows for more money to be in their pockets and a better sense of financial security. The money these families are saving will allow them to have money for food, clothes, medical expenses. What a huge step for California keeping the welfare of this citizens as their priority all while creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Reeco’s Free Solar program Shares the same Vision:

Reeco’s Free Solar program gives Free Solar Power to ANYONE who buys or sells a house with Reeco, that means ANYONE, low-income or high income. Who doesn’t like to save money these days? With the inevitable rising costs of electricity and concerns of pollution, Reeco is the most affordable and sustainable for anyone way to buy a home. We are dedicated to saving people money and saving our environment, and our Free Solar Program does just that. It’s truly comforting to see State officials thinking and implementing the necessary change that needs to happen, a change Reeco has been dedicated to. Just as this program the state has launched, Reeco’s Free Solar Program alleviates the financial burdens of installing a solar system. On an average home, a solar energy system can cost $15,000 or more. This cost is completely eliminated for everyone who buys a home with Reeco. In the market to buy or sell a home? Wants to save money AND the environment for Free? Well look no further, Reeco Homes will do just that for you. We call it “Reeco Friendly”-Saving you money AND the Environment.


To learn more about California giving Free Solar Systems to low income houses click the link below: