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With Eco-Friendly Homes, You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About Living In Comfort and Style

You’ve probably heard that eco-friendly homes can significantly reduce your impact on the environment, but what does that mean? Exactly how are they better than traditional houses? Read on to find the answers to these questions, discover 6 ways that eco-friendly homes benefit the environment, and learn how to receive a complimentary solar power system on your next home!

  1. Reducing carbon emissions

Houses with solar power systems, like all homes bought and sold through Reeco, produce much less carbon dioxide (CO2) than the average residence—if any at all. Rather than using electricity produced by burning fossil fuels like coal, which results in carbon dioxide flooding the atmosphere and warming the earth, solar power systems generate power using sunlight. Essentially, eco-friendly homes produce clean energy and minimize carbon emissions that damage the environment.

  1. Offsetting car pollution

EnergySage reports that a 5-kilowatt solar power system can save approximately 4.9 metric tons of carbon emissions—the amount that a standard car produces in one year! In that way, every eco-friendly home with a standard sized solar power system offsets one car being on the road for 12 months.

In fact, Reeco’s solar power calculator displays exactly how much car pollution each solar power system saves per year. Home buyers, check out available homes and their solar power impact by grabbing your free Reeco account here. Home sellers, click here to receive a free estimate of your home’s value and eco impact.

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  1. Absorbing the CO2 equivalent of several dozen trees

Because solar power systems reduce the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere, eco-friendly homes basically help trees do their job. For instance, as mentioned above, the average 5-kilowatt solar power system prevents nearly 5 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by a few dozen trees!

  1. Using less oil than homes that aren’t eco-friendly

Americans consume roughly 19 million barrels of petroleum products per day producing electricity, heating buildings, and driving cars. Solar power systems on residential, eco-friendly homes can reduce this figure by both circumventing the need for oil to create electricity and eliminating the fuel used to transport oil around the country.

  1. Easing strain on the electric grid

Though not necessarily an environmental benefit, solar-powered homes lighten the burden on the electric grid and decrease the odds of large brownouts or blackouts. They also work during severe droughts or heat waves, so you never have to worry about having electricity in times of need.

  1. Protecting natural resources and your health

Traditional means of generating electricity result in harmful chemicals—such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and soot pollution—spewing into the air and water. These chemicals contribute to a slew of health problems ranging from asthma and chronic bronchitis to premature death. The chemicals mentioned above can also mix with water in the atmosphere, resulting in acid rain that pollutes the ground and bodies of water. Overall, solar power systems and eco-friendly homes are cleaner for the earth and better for your health.

Home buyers, discover the amount of oil, trees, and CO2 emissions you can save with a complimentary solar power system on your next home—sign up for a free Reeco account now.

Home sellers, learn what your home would be worth and how you can help the environment when selling—get a complimentary home value estimate from Reeco.