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These Green Home Design Ideas Are Ideal for Sunny San Diego, L.A., and Everywhere In Between

Many eco-conscious Southern Californians want to live greener but aren’t sure how. If you find yourself in that group, Reeco has you covered: we’ve compiled a short guide of green home design strategies that can be implemented during home construction or in existing homes. Read through the list below to learn how to live more sustainably!

Green Home Design Tips to Implement During Construction:

Create a drought-tolerant yard

Water can be a scarce resource in California, especially during times of drought or unusually hot summers. Be proactive and cultivate a drought-tolerant yard with plants such as:

  • Lavender
  • Russian sage
  • Succulents
  • Hydrangeas
  • Drought-tolerant grass varieties

With the right type of foliage, it is possible to still have a stunning yard and garden while also respecting the environment. (A smaller water bill never hurts, either.)

Note: While it is great to plant a drought-tolerant yard while designing or building your home, homeowners can always overhaul greenery after the fact. It’s never too late to be eco-friendly with a few green home design modifications!

Invest in sustainable materials

Building with lower-quality supplies can save money in the short term, but investing in high-quality and eco-friendly home materials is much more cost-effective over the long run and better for the environment. Consider using bamboo hardwood or ceramic flooring rather than linoleum or traditional carpeting, for instance, and brick or stone walls rather than timber.

Reeco-In Page Image-Green Home Design Tips-Eco Friendly Kitchen

Switching out just one environmentally-harmful material for an eco-friendlier one can have a huge impact on your home’s overall sustainability.

In the market for a new home? Use Reeco’s solar calculator to estimate how significantly you could help the environment with a complimentary solar power system on your new home—sign up for a free Reeco account now.

Use reclaimed or recycled materials whenever possible

If you do decide to go with materials that aren’t as eco-friendly, you can still improve the sustainability of your home by purchasing reclaimed or recycled materials. For example, demolished homes are a great source of hardwood for flooring or furniture, preventing the need to cut down more trees to supply “new” timber.

Green Home Design Tips to Implement in Existing Homes:

Utilize a home composting bin

According to Eartheasy, one-third of the waste sitting in landfills could have been composted. In fact, adding a compost bin in your home can cut your household trash by 30%! Look into purchasing or making your own compost bin, and then start diverting table and yard scraps from your trash can.

Leverage your roof for clean energy

Southern California is warm and sunny nearly all year round—take advantage of this by getting a complimentary solar power system when buying or selling your home. Unlike electricity produced by burning coal and oil, solar power creates clean energy that doesn’t pollute the atmosphere or damage public health.

Home sellers, your home could sell 20% faster and for 9% more with a complimentary solar power system—not to mention you’ll be significantly helping the environment. Receive a free estimate of your home’s increased worth with solar!