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Convinced That Sustainable Real Estate Is Not For You? Think Again!

If you have decided to purchase your first home, congratulations! It is an exciting step in life and today’s real estate market has never been more full of potential, especially for buyers looking for beautiful homes with a minimal environmental impact. Read on to learn about sustainable real estate and discover the top 4 reasons why these kinds of homes are perfect for first-time homeowners.

1. Energy costs are rising

Edison Electric Institute reports that electricity costs are increasing by 2.5% every year. These increases may hit Southern Californians particularly hard because of the frequent warm temperatures, which lead to hefty air conditioning usage and higher electricity bills.

For first-time homeowners who now face the prospect of paying significant electricity bills to power entire homes rather than apartments or smaller townhomes, sustainable real estate can be the ideal solution.

2. Eco-friendly technologies like solar power systems are more affordable than ever

It is a great time to invest in sustainable real estate—eco-friendly technologies such as solar power systems are incredibly affordable, thanks to lower installation prices and incentives for clean energy systems. This enables Reeco to offer home buyers and home sellers complimentary solar power systems that provide free electricity for the life of their systems.

First-time homeowners in particular can hugely benefit from this price drop. Home buyers, grab a free Reeco account to use our proprietary solar calculator—it displays exactly how much you can save on each potential dream home with a complimentary solar power system.

Reeco-Sustainable Real Estate For First Time Buyers-Electric Bill

3. Any home can receive a solar power system

Whether first-time homebuyers want a smaller starter home or one with plenty of room for a growing family, they can transform their first home into sustainable real estate. This means that they can still land the property of their dreams while benefiting the environment and saving money.

Best of all, because Reeco is a sustainable real estate expert, we install all solar power systems right after escrow, eliminating the hassle of construction after move-in and ensuring that home buyers can receive free electricity from day one.

4. Sustainable real estate is a long-term investment

Solar power systems have a long life. At Reeco, your solar power system is guaranteed to last at least 30 years! Over those three decades, homebuyers can save more than $20,000 and have a significant impact on the environment in the form of preventing harmful emissions, among other things.

Of all buyers, first-time homeowners are perfectly positioned to see this full return on their investment in sustainable real estate because they are likely to stay in their first home for a lengthy period of time. Additionally, adding a solar power system instantly increases a home’s value, which means that first-time homeowners can receive more money if/when they do decide to sell down the road.

Search available homes right now—and see how much you will save with a free solar power system—using a Reeco account. Try a free account here!