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Living in a walkable area has major perks. People who stroll around their neighborhoods just 30 minutes a day tend to stay fitter and healthier, not to mention significantly decreasing their carbon footprint by doing away with driving (as a real estate brokerage that provides complimentary solar power systems to all home buyers and sellers, sustainable and healthier living is an important part of our initiative!).

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a definitive list of the most walkable cities in Orange County with a population greater than 20,000, ranked by their Walk Score that assesses distance to nearby amenities, population density, and commute.

The median price and average size for the typical 3bed/2bath home has been included for each city, as well as the potential savings that home buyers can expect to receive from a Complimentary Solar System offered by Reeco. All in all, homes within these pedestrian paradises are ideal for young adults, families, and active Baby Boomers—and more affordable than you ever imagined!

In fact, many buyers can purchase their dream home in the following cities for just 5% down or with the help of an FHA loan. Take a look at the 10 hot real estate markets below, and then reach out to your local Reeco real estate agent for more information about available homes in these cities! 

1. Santa Ana

Walk Score: 66

Median Sale Price: $550,000

Average Square Feet of a 3bed/2bath Home: 1,297

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,200/yr

From a vibrant downtown center that is chock-full of restaurants and retail shops, to the Lacy area, which boasts good schools and entertainment hubs, this historic town has a lot to offer those looking to enjoy life on their feet. For instance, head through Artist’s Village throughout the year and experience the Noche de Altares (Night of the Altars), or walk to Memorial Park for some family swimming lessons!

Santa Ana’s walkability is also sure to benefit from the soon-to-arrive OC Streetcar that will link the bustling Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center to a new multimodal hub at Harbor Boulevard/Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove. The OC Streetcar will connect with 18 OCTA bus routes, making it a perfect choice for commuters and school children.

Pair that with a median home price of just $550,000 and potential savings of $1,200 per year with Reeco, and it is plain to see why Santa Ana is one of the most ideal areas in beautiful Orange County for first-time home buyers or growing families.

Reeco-Santa Ana-Downtown Building

2. Costa Mesa

Walk Score: 62

Median Sale Price: $760,000

Average Square Feet: 1,536

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,600/yr

Luxury malls and bohemian anti-malls, bars and family-friendly parks… Costa Mesa really has it all. Sandwiched between Newport Beach and Santa Ana (the most walkable city on our list), this beautiful Orange County city provides plenty of opportunities to run errands, grab groceries, and enjoy the sunshine… all on foot!

For those who prefer the comfort of air conditioning during exercise, South Coast Plaza is a sprawling high-end mall that hosts the likes of Gucci and Coach along with scrumptious restaurants like Seasons 52 and Morton’s the Steakhouse. Enjoy some luxury shopping and people watching while walking to your heart’s content, and then enjoy your new digs at home—just a stone’s throw away! 

Reeco-Costa Mesa-South Coast Plaza

3. Garden Grove

Walk Score: 61

Median Sale Price: $580,000

Average Square Feet: 1,550

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,500/yr

Antique shoppers and vintage car enthusiasts, Garden Grove is calling your name. Uncover some great vintage finds on Main Street, which hosts both antique shops and a weekly Classic Car show. Then, stay steeped in history while watching a Shakespearean play at the Festival Amphitheater or take the kids for a picnic in Village Green Park. All in all, Garden Grove has something for everyone… and with an average savings of $1,500 per year when buying a home with Reeco, the city is one of the most affordable pedestrian-friendly areas in Orange County.

Reeco-Garden Grove-Main StreetEnjoy a stroll through your new neighborhood.

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4. La Habra

Walk Score: 61

Median Sale Price: $575,000

Average Square Feet: 1,555

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,450/yr

La Habra hosts some of Southern California’s most interesting events, from the Annual Tamale Festival to the Spring Family Eggstravaganza, which features a helicopter egg drop. Are hiking and horseback riding more up your alley? Powder Canyon offers beautiful sights, mountain biking trails, and plenty of room to hike with your furry friends.

If that sounds like your idea of home, reach out to our experienced Reeco agents and learn more about how you can save more than $120 per month with a complimentary solar power system and free electricity—just for being our client!

Reeco-Garden Grove-Children's Museum

5. Stanton

Walk Score: 61

Median Sale Price: $540,000

Average Square Feet: 1,303

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,200/yr

Although you may not recognize the name now, Stanton won’t remain unknown for long. With plenty of affordable housing (the median home price is just $540,000) and a slew of parks for children and Fido to let loose, the city is an up-and-coming real estate hot spot for first-time home buyers and growing families. An added perk for those who like to stretch their legs: because the city isn’t too large, you may be able to walk the kids to and from school instead of hopping in the car!


6. Westminster

Walk Score: 61

Median Sale Price: $629,000

Average Square Feet: 1,335

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,300/yr

Searching for some authentic Vietnamese food? Look no further than the Little Saigon district of Westminster, which is home to some of the county’s best Vietnamese restaurants serving everything from pho (rice noodle soup) to banh mi (baguette sandwiches). Walk off some of the great eats at the Westminster Mall and Blakey Historical Park and Museum, or check out the Liberty Skateboard Park if you’re feeling adventurous.

Reeco-Westminster-Asian Shopping Center

7. Fountain Valley

Walk Score: 57

Median Sale Price: $750,000

Average Square Feet: 1,555

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,600/yr

Snuggled between Westminster, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana—three cities on our list—Fountain Valley is right in the heart of some of Orange County’s best pedestrian zones. Mile Square Regional Park, for instance, has a lake for fishing and paddle boating, several tennis courts, and nicely maintained jogging and walking paths. If you work up an appetite exercising, stop at one of the restaurants along the outside edge of the park.   

Reeco-Fountain Valley-Mile Square Regional Park

8. Huntington Beach

Walk Score: 55

Median Sale Price: $735,000

Average Square Feet: 1,425

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,600/yr

There is nothing quite like having a beach in your backyard. With a home in Huntington Beach, your door-to-sand commute could be just minutes! This means world-class surfing, swimming, and paddleboarding, not to mention plenty of room for your pups to chase seagulls at Huntington Dog Beach. Head a bit inland and you will hit Huntington Central Park, an expansive 350-acre paradise that is perfect for sunny walks with the kids. Don’t wait to grab a piece of this idyllic Orange County town to call your own.

Reeco-Huntington Beach-Pier at Sunset

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9. Anaheim

Walk Score: 54

Median Sale Price: $560,000

Average Square Feet: 1,410

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,300/yr

Home to the happiest place on earth, Anaheim offers plenty of opportunities for pedestrians to explore. Disneyland goers can rack up the miles while getting autographs from their favorite Disney characters, trying the latest rides and games, and chowing down on funnel cake and Mickey Mouse-shaped treats. For the grownups, Downtown Disney features plenty of restaurants and shops to entertain, from Rainforest Café and Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria to The LEGO Store and Sephora.


10. Buena Park

Walk Score: 54

Median Sale Price: $550,000

Average Square Feet: 1,263

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,200/yr

Disneyland isn’t the only Orange County theme park worth visiting… Buena Park residents have Knott’s Berry Farm in their neighborhood! Spanning a full 160 acres, the amusement park is ideal for pedestrians looking to burn off some energy. Imagine this: staying cool in the summer with the Timber Mountain Log Ride or exploring the 4D world of Voyage to the Iron Reef, an interactive underwater adventure. When you’ve had your fill, you could head to your beautiful home just minutes away.

With a median home price of just $550,000 and a potential savings of $1,200 per year when purchasing your home with Reeco, Buena Park is one of the most promising Orange County cities for home buyers today.

Reeco-Buena Park-Knott's Berry Farm

11. Fullerton

Walk Score: 54

Median Sale Price: $610,000

Average Square Feet: 1,620

Average Solar Savings When Buying a Home With Reeco: $1,550/yr

Although we promised 10 pedestrian-friendly cities, we couldn’t wrap up the list without mentioning this Orange County gem. Coming in at number 11 and tied with Anaheim and Buena Park for a Walk Score of 54, Fullerton features several very walkable college campuses: California State University-Fullerton, Hope International University, and Fullerton College, to name a few.

The town is also an outdoor junkie’s dream with locations like the Fullerton Arboretum and Craig Regional Park, which feature the best that nature has to offer! Like the other 10 cities names on this list, Fullerton is more affordable than many home buyers think. The average home costs just $610,000, meaning that some buyers could put as little as 5% down and/or purchase their dream home with the help of an FHA loan.

Reeco-Fullerton-Soco District

All in all, the 11 cities above are great for pedestrians and affordable for OC home buyers.

So don’t wait to search for your dream home within these areas!

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