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Frequently Asked Questions


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Why Reeco?

Reeco is committed to creating a more sustainable and affordable home for EVERY customer. First comes superior customer service! Once we ensure you the very best deal on your sale or purchase, then comes the unmatched value! Reeco is dedicated to providing the most satisfying home buying or selling experience and saving each satisfied customer money all while contributing to a sustainable future.

How is the Solar System Free?

Reeco is dedicated to providing unmatched value to every one of our customers. Since Reeco is both a full service real estate brokerage and a certified professional Photovoltaic Solar System installer, we do everything in house, so we guarantee a free system for every home!

What’s the “catch”?

There is NO catch! Reeco is the first and only real estate broker and solar energy company. We are committed to creating a sustainable future and giving unmatched value back to every customer.

Who are your customers?

Our customer is anyone in the market to buy or sell a home. We offer complete residential real estate brokerage services. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. 

Who installs the solar system on my house?

Once we get you the best deal on your dream home, we install your solar system. Reeco is a licensed and certified Photovoltaic Solar installer. 

Is there a warranty provided with the solar system?

Do not worry, Reeco has your back!  All monitoring, maintenance and repair is included!

Do I own the Solar System or is it Leased?

The solar PV system is 100% yours. You own the system outright with ZERO monthly payments or financing! Just move in and enjoy the Free Electricity in your new home!

Will the Solar System cover my entire electricity bill?

The system is designed to offset up to 100% of your electricity bill. This will vary based upon the usage of each homeowner.

How long do the Solar Systems last?

Our custom systems are BUILT TO LAST! We focus on QUALITY and EXCELLENT customer service. These systems are good for 30+ years, we GUARANTEE IT!

Do the Solar Systems ruin the roof?

Our systems are designed and constructed to work directly with your existing roof. No worries, hassle free!


Reeco is committed to providing a more affordable and sustainable home for every customer. Our unique approach to real estate changes the way you buy and sell homes. Our superior customer service and the unmatched value we provide every customer truly sets us apart. Search homes for sale, see the savings, and give us a call today to experience the Reeco difference. To learn more about Reeco please visit our About Page.

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