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Our company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and pride ourselves in our new approach to real estate. By leveraging technology, expertise and unique services, we provide you true value from start to finish. Reeco’s Patent Pending Free Solar Program is the new way to buy or sell your home and the most affordable and sustainable path to home ownership. Our agents are compensated based on your satisfaction and our mission is to create a more affordable and eco-friendly home for every customer.

Reeco disrupts the traditional way of doing business in two industries and gives the value back to the consumer. Our company was formed with the belief that the fusion of real estate and renewable energy will lead to good things for everyone: lower electricity costs and unprecedented value for the consumer, a more efficient and sustainable business model for the industry, and a healthier planet for generations to come.

With Reeco, you have an entire in-house team of real estate, energy, and technology professionals working for you. Our team has completed over $2 billion in real estate transactions and solar energy projects. We bring innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness to every transaction in order satisfy our customers.

Saving money and the environment, that’s “Reeco Friendly” (it’s also the name of our blog – check it out!) Start your search or give us a call today to learn more.

Why choose Reeco?

Best Value

We provide savvy real estate services and free solar power. Our customers save money and gain home value.

Customer Satisfaction

Nobody at Reeco has to worry about pulling in a commission. All of our salaried associates work for customer satisfaction.


The most eco-friendly, sustainable way to buy or sell your home. Save the planet without touching your wallet.


Our proprietary free solar algorithm revolutionizes the real estate industry. The technology we use increases efficiency and reduces costs.

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Reeco is committed to providing a more affordable and sustainable home for every customer. Our unique approach to real estate changes the way you buy and sell homes. Our superior customer service and the unmatched value we provide every customer truly sets us apart. Search homes for sale, see the savings, and give us a call today to experience the Reeco difference. To learn more about Reeco please visit our About Page.

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